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Argos UK has over 680 stores. This is in addition to the 30+ stores in the Republic of Ireland. Each year over 130 million customers visit Argos, and it employs over 34,000 people.

Argos is an well known brand name on the UK high street, having been in operation for well over 30 years. In the UK Argos has become one of the biggest retailers, with sales of over £4.2 billion.

The shop has become very popular in the UK due to the vast range of products they sell, their competitive prices and the ease of shopping at their stores or online.

At any one time it is believed that around 17 million homes in the UK have an Argos catalogue

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Argos was founded in 1973. It is a UK catalogue retailer selling products for the home and general merchandise. Argos has over 680 shops in the UK and over 30 in the Republic of Ireland. Sales (at the time of writing) are worth well over £4 billion.

Not only does Argos have a large number of shops on the high street, but it is one of the UK's biggest Internet retailers. Each year it takes around 4 million orders over the Internet and by phone. Around 2/3 of the UK population have an Argos catalogue in their home.

Argos UK is part of the Home Retail Group Plc, which owns other well known brands such as Homebase. Home Retail Group was demerged from GUS in 2006.

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