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About Early Learning

Early Learning is all about getting kids playing in a way that allows them to learn essential skills. It should be fun so that they enjoy learning and developing their skills.

All children want to play - it's nature's way of encouraging them to learn. But nowadays it is very easy for them to replace learning activities with more passive passtimes, such as watching TV. While there are many good, educational programmes that can also help your child develop, it is important to encourage more varied activities where they are involved - improving their motor skills, thinking for themselves, socialising, becoming creative, etc.

Different children will prefer different types of activities - some may be more creative, some may like to be active. While it is natural for a child to do this, it is important to ensure that they get varied activities to allow other skills to develop.

The ELC specialise in early learning for young children, starting from babies up to 8+ year olds. 'Early Learning' is achieved through a range of activities that encourage learning through play. These include problem solving, stimulating the senses, imagination, motor skills, creativity, reading, writing and more.

The EarlyLearning Centre has literally thousands of products, all designed to help your child's learning. These vary from baby walkers and puzzles for babies, to trampolines and play houses for older children.

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About ELC

ELC is a UK chain of shops selling books, toys and other thing aimed at young children. ELC was originally a mail order company, setup in the 70's, but has now grown into a major retail chain with over 200 shops in the UK and nearly 100 in many other countries around the World.

The ELC was bought up by Mothercare, who have continued to expand the Early Learning Centre, opening more shops.

They work closely with RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to make sure their toys are as safe as possible.

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