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The ELC (aka Early Learning Centre) has a popular website - visit the ELC now.

About The Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre have a range of several thousand toys aimed at developing the skills of young children. There are over 200 Early Learning Centres in the UK and they also have a very popular website where you can order online. Additionally, Early Learning Center products can be bought in several other major stores, such as Sainsburys, Debenhams and Boots.

Their product rage is extensive - visit the online store (Early Learning Centre to browse their full range. You can search for ideas by choosing the child's age and/or gender. Alternatively, they have categories allowing you to find toys that develop children's creativity, motor skills, problem solving, writing, reading, etc.

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About ELC

ELC is a British chain of shops selling toys, books and other thing aimed at young children. The ELC was originally a mail order company, set up in the 1970's, but has now grown into a major retail chain with well over 200 shops in the UK and nearly 100 in many other countries around the World.

The ELC was bought by Mothercare, who have continued to expand the Early Learning Centre by opening more shops.

They work closely with RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to make sure their toys are as safe as possible.

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